August 2007 – Government House – Press Conference  - Ford announces important investment

In a Press Conference held on August 9th, Ford Argentina officially announced an investment of 500 million pesos to manufacture two new vehicles.

Conf1Our agency was responsible for the translation during all the meetings held between Ford Motor Company authorities and the President of Argentina, Mr. Néstor Kirchner, the Minister of Economy, Mr. Miguel Peirano and the Senator Ms. Cristina Fernández. We also covered the consecutive interpretation services during all the private meetings and the Press Conference in the Government House, broadcast live by the media.

Our agency was responsible for the translation during the private meetings held at the Ministry of Economy and the Government House as well as the live Press Conference, for TV, radio and newspapers.

President Néstor Kirchner received the top management of Ford Motor Company, who announced a new investment to manufacture two new vehicles in Pacheco Plant, in the province of Buenos Aires.

The President of Ford South America and Executive Director of Canada and Mexico, Dom DiMarco, explained they will invest 500 million pesos to manufacture cars and light trucks for the South American and Mexican markets.

The meeting with President Kirchner was also attended by Senator and Presidential candidate Cristina Fernández and the Minister of Economy, Miguel Peirano.

Together with Mr. DiMarco, was Mr. Marcos de Olivera, President of Ford Mercosur, Mr. Enrique Alemañy, President of Ford Argentina and the Director of Institutional Relations of Ford Argentina, Mr. Jorge Di Nucci.



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