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July 2007 – Province of San Juan - II Extraordinary World Congress of Philosophy

Our agency participated in the II Extraordinary World Congress of Philosophy held in San Juan from July 9 to 12. This event has gathered philosophers from all over the world, with the participation of 7,000 attendees.

Conf1Our agency was selected to perform the coordination and simultaneous interpretation of many conferences with translation into Spanish, English, German, French and Portuguese in simultaneous conference rooms. At the end of the closing ceremony, which ended with a speech given by the Senator Cristina Fernández de Kirchner, our team of interpreters were congratulated by the local authorities and organizers.

For our team, this was a very challenging and gratifying experience both professionally and personally.

The meeting gathered important thinkers, philosophers and representatives of the national and international culture. The relevance to create the link between Philosophy and Social Sciences was highlighted, especially the main role of Politics, from the point of view of public management as the head.

During the formal opening, the Governor of San Juan, Mr. José Luis Gioja made his speech as well as many academic authorities of the Universities of San Juan, Córdoba and Mendoza.

The Congress was distinguished by speeches and contributions of renowned figures. Among them, we can highlight the conference given by Ms. Dr. Marilena de Souza Chaui, Brazilian philosopher, on “End of Utopia?” and Dr. Arturo Roig on “Latin American Philosophy: Subject and History”. They shared the panel with other renowned researchers as Yamandú Acosta, Horacio Cerutti, Carlos Ossandon, Adriana Arpini and Dante Ramaglia.

Among the international speakers we should especially mention the renowned French philosopher and historian Geneviève Fraisse, thinker Francois Laruelle, also French, the renowned Marxist philosopher Agnes Héller and Dr. Valentín Mudimbe, important philosopher and novelist born in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

Several round tables also gathered a large number of people on attractive topics as:  "Public Policies and Human Development. Philosophical Basis of Health Policy” (by the Minister of Health Dr. Ginés González García), “Thinking about Education of the XXI Century: From Inequality to Utopia?”, by important thinkers of our country and the world as Carlos Alberto Torres (from USA), Luis Garcés (from San Juan), Juan Casassus (from Chile) and the specialist in education, Adriana Puiggrós, and “Human Project and Critical Thinking: Different Approaches from Philosophy” (with the Argentine speakers, Cesar Lorenzano, José Antonio Castorina, Félix Schuster and Gladys Palau), among many others.

Senator Cristina Fernández de Kirchner was responsible for the closing ceremony together with provincial authorities. During her speech, the Senator valued the important link between Philosophy and Politics.

In summary, the experience has been very enriching not only because of the subject itself, but also for the level of the speakers and the human capital gathered in such an important event.  




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