August 2007 – Government House – Press Conference - Ford announces important investment


In a Press Conference held on August 9th, Ford Argentina officially announced an investment of 500 million pesos to manufacture two new vehicles.

Our agency was responsible for the translation during all the meetings held between Ford Motor Company authorities and the President of Argentina, Mr. Néstor Kirchner, the Minister of Economy, Mr. Miguel Peirano and the Senator Ms. Cristina Fernández. We also covered the consecutive interpretation services during all the private meetings and the Press Conference in the Government House, broadcast live by the media.


July 2007 – Province of San Juan - II Extraordinary World Congress of Philosophy


Our agency participated in the II Extraordinary World Congress of Philosophy held in San Juan from July 9 to 12. This event has gathered philosophers from all over the world, with the participation of 7,000 attendees.

Our agency was selected to perform the coordination and simultaneous interpretation of many conferences with translation into Spanish, English, German, French and Portuguese in simultaneous conference rooms. At the end of the closing ceremony, which ended with a speech given by the Senator Cristina Fernández de Kirchner, our team of interpreters were congratulated by the local authorities and organizers.

For our team, this was a very challenging and gratifying experience both professionally and personally.


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